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From Studio Dotti, at current Revolux Studios

Revolux Studios - Francesco Pio Dotti - Palazzetto dello sport di San Martino di Lupari, Padova, ITALY


Our thirty years of experience in the field of architectural design complete and told in a great Photo Collection

Private Works

Revolux Studios - Francesco Pio Dotti - Casa Gelendi, Fratte, Padova, ITALY

Public Works

Revolux Studios - Francesco Pio Dotti - Cimitero San Michele delle Badesse, Padova, ITALY

Our works and actions are our calling card. In this session are the images tell of our creations, gained in many hours of hard work and effort. They, can be translated into concrete solid and aesthetics of our buildings, and in the values ​​of credibility, reliability and competence, such as deep foundations of our work.



About our Philosophy...
"... I believe that architecture is the art of organizing physical space over time, according to specific rules.'ve Always been convinced that its principles are immutable but it is always different their application in history. A closer look, In fact, architecture is not invented anything, everything has already been invented. If so, what then is the future in this age of globalization, deception conceptual stage design - design with fashion - consumption? These trends advertised strongly from the beginning of the century mass communication that characterize the modern living.


Often you write, you see or hear "live in a sculpture", or "architectural design" or "architecture fashion", confusing the product composition result of a rational path, with an object of consumption, such as after some time needs to be changed because it no longer current. The consequences of the use of buildings and land, as we well know, produce economic and social benefits very heavy, burning opportunities for future generations.
What to do then to distinguish a consumer product architecture? I believe that in order to reaffirm the identity of the architecture as compared to other events more or less artistic, the response passes through the rediscovery of discipline and the practical implementation of its own foundations and them, defining the essence This differs from another.
In a nutshell, I believe that consistent, to maintain discipline in the making, it is necessary to start from the knowledge of its types and models, and critically breaks them down into pieces and parts, can be generated in time other architectures in which each citizen is recognized.
In doing so, the individual opus is exceeded and is exalted by the community that hosts it. More simply, if the architecture is recognized by the people as a cultural value, beyond the fashions of the moment and becomes a permanent fact, is not only the work of the author who conceived it, but is the heritage of all. And 'This is the ultimate goal of my work and is proof, I hope that what has been done over the past thirty years, it is good ... "​​

Franceso Pio Dotti​​


What can we offer about Architecture field?

Revolux Studios - Rilievi


Revolux Studios - Rendering


Revolux Studios - Perizie

Building Valuation

Revolux Studios - Stampa Plastici 3D Alta Risoluzione

Plastics Realized with hight technology HD 3D Print


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